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94% of sales organizations provide sales training on how to "close" a sale, but almost none train how to open opportunities...

Early Stage Prospecting [ərlē stāj prä spekting] verb:  What to do in the sales process to find new business opportunities and break through to decision makers.

Used in a sentence: “The responsibilities of salespeople to prospect for customers at the top of the funnel.”

If you find yourself making cold calls that start with “Can I speak with the person who handles…” and ends with “We’ll call you if we’re interested,” or CLICK… it’s not your fault.  Training to “close” a prospect is not effective at finding new opportunities and starting the conversations that lead up to the close.

From phone calls to in person networking functions, there is a process that works to find, engage, and gain access to decision makers with authority.

This course walks you through that process step by step.



6 Powerful Modules Packed with Actionable Prospecting Techniques

Prospecting Strategy

Before you make the call, you need a plan.  Friends don’t let friends make cold calls without a strategy.

  • Learn where to find business intelligence
  • Find out who decision makers are and what motivates them
  • How much time to spend on strategy
Prospecting by Phone

Before you pick up the phone, you’ll be empowered by knowing:

  • Exactly what to say and what not to say
  • Four things you should get from every call
  • How to handle gatekeepers like receptionists


Prospecting on Linkedin

Learn how to leverage Linkedin for prospecting beyond the basics.

  • Advanced search tools for prospecting
  • How to use groups for prospecting
  • How to put a message in the inbox of nearly any prospect for free, even if you’re not connected.
Prospecting by Email


Practical tips and scripts for emails that get read and get responded.

  • Learn the key ingredients in any effective email
  • Common mistakes that most prospectors make in email marketing
  • Every prospects favorite word, and when to use it
Prospecting in the Field

Get the best practice on how to isolate and approach business owners and decision makers on their turf.

  • Find out the worse thing you can say
  • The best use of your time with a prospect
  • What you need anytime you’re in the field
Persistence in Prospecting

Learn what separates successful sales professionals from the rest.

  • Undeniable reasons why success with your prospect may be closer than you think
  • New reasons not to give up on your prospect
  • Why persistence matters



3 Bonuses You Can't Live Without

  • #1
    Message Almost Anybody on Linkedin for Free

    See how to put a message in nearly any prospect’s inbox for free, without the limitations of sending a connection request.

  • #2
    The Steve Jobs Technique

    For the seemingly impossible prospect, use the technique that worked to land a appointment with Steve Jobs.  Anyone can do it but almost no one is.

  • #3
    Penetrate the Prospect Flow Chart

    Use this quick guide to gauge how to plan, approach, engage, and escalate your strategy to break through to any prospect.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for Business to Business (B2B) sales professionals or sales managers who want to sharpen their sales team. It's designed to help any level of individual contributor from the rookie to the veteran. If you have a budget to achieve, this course is for you!

Beginning Sales Professionals

Veteran Sales Professionals

Managers of Sales Professionals

Sales Professionals in Transition

The path to your prospect is just behind this page. Consider the opportunity to sharpen your prospecting methodology compared to the cost of doing nothing...

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How do I get started and how much does it cost?

Getting started is the easy, and the course itself is the course equivalent to paint by numbers.   It’s a step-by-step, so you only need to take the first step…

What about the price?

How much is it worth to you to CRUSH your ramp up period?  How valuable is a guide that empowers you to keep your job, exceed your quota, and put a security blanket into your funnel?

According to the National Association of Account Executives, the average monthly quota for B2B sales professionals in the US is $500K per year, resulting in an average monthly commission of $80K per year, or just under $7K/month…

And yet this course investment is only $199.  That’s correct, under $200 for the path to any prospect and your peace of mind that you have the tools to open any opportunity with a prospect.

7 Day Guarantee! 100% Money Back (Risk Free)

Concerned?  No worries, we guarantee your satisfaction!  Try the Prospector’s Path for a full week and if you’re not 100% satisfied you will get a full refund.  We’re so confident you will continue your path, that we don’t want to keep your investment unless you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Still have questions? Probe for answers...

Does this course really work?

Yes!  Even green sales people are using these techniques right now to open opportunities and book appointments with decision makers.

How Long Will the Course Take to Complete?

Most prospectors proceed one module at a time down the path for about six weeks before completing the course, but all of them see results from the very first module…

What if I'm not ready yet?

That’s OK, but keep in mind this information can’t be found anywhere else, and the price of the Prospectors Path does goes go as more content is added…  It will never be more affordable than it is today!

Special Introductory Offer, Only 20 Spots Will Be Sold!

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6 Packed Prospecting Modules & Downloads

3 Bonuses You Can’t Live Without

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IT WAS AWESOME!!! This course taught me what I didn't get from my boss... So glad I found it; I was going down a bad road without knowing how to break through to my customers...

I was apprehensive, but I'm glad I gave this course a shot. I didn't think the investment was that much, so I was surprised by how much detail there was and how many tricks I learned about reaching my customers. Definitely a good investment in career.

The Path to your Prospect is Paved with Greenery...

Lifetime Membership
One Time Investment

Instant Access

6 Packed Prospecting Modules & Downloads

3 Bonuses You Can’t Live Without

Support & Updates

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